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What is J-Pop World?

Welcome to the interview website for Japanese musicians and related artists from around the world. We may be called "J-Pop World" but we cover all genres of music created and performed by Japanese musicians and international artists with links to Japan.

While our primary emphasis is on Japanese groups who are trying to gain a following in English-speaking markets, we also enjoy doing interviews with artists from around the world with Japanese heritage and with non-Japanese artists who are heavily influenced by Japanese culture or music.

Many thanks to Taku Aihara, Hiroko, Hiroshi, Kita-kik, Masaaki, Michi, Mikachi, Satomi, Yasuko and Yoshie for their help on Japanese language translations. Also many thanks to our J-Pop World forum members Anthony, DoAsPuffy, Jeff, TofuUnion and Yom1970 for all their help over the years. And finally 10,000 thanks to Theresa for her editing assistance, contest judging and design suggestions.

J-Pop World 2008-2012 is run by "J-Pop" Andrew of Indianapolis. Send comments to or contact me at Facebook.