Welcome to GO!GO!7188 World

Official Sites

GO!GO!7188's Official site has a nice English section and is very well done. Their MySpace page has several videos to watch.

Official site (in English and Japanese)
Official Myspace page (in English)
Yuu's Official site (in Japanese)
Akiko's Offiical site (in Japanese)
Turkey's Official site (in Japanese)

Lyric Sites

Cori's J-POP Lyrics: LyricWiki.org doesn't seem to have many lyrics for GO!GO! so I've been getting most of them from Cori's excellent site.

Rock Rabbit: The email didn't seem to work when I tried to ask for permission to post their lyrics so the site appears to be dormant. Note: the site has annoying pop up ads.

Where to buy Go!Go!'s Music

CD Japan and Yes Asia are probably the most popular places to buy GO!GO!'s CDs and DVDs new. Amazon.com and eBay also have used copies of their CDs.