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BO-PEEP Vital Stats
Mika Yoshimura
Mika Yoshimura
Hometown: Fukuoka, Japan
Guitar - Lead Vocals

Ryoko Nakano
Ryoko Nakano
Hometown: Fukuoka, Japan
Drums - Chorus

Junko Himei
Junko Himei
Hometown: Fukuoka, Japan
Bass - Chorus

B Level Motion
Live at B.B. Street

Sick Orange Television
Sick Orange Television
Released June 6, 2008
1. 3
2. Pit In Town
3. Spiral Revolution
4. Go!
5. Full Time
6. We Are Bo-Peep
7. Dancing, The People
8. Another World

Is It Good For You?
1. Jigsaw Puzzle
2. B Level Motion
3. Hairy
4. STEP 1, 2
5. Trip
6. Endingu
7. Make it Whole
8. Crazy bomb
9. Coffee
10. Rashkaru

1. Tunnel
2. Passing
3. Picture
4. Hope
5. Shinzou
6. Zero
7. Shinkai

Where to Buy
CD Japan

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BO-PEEP Interview

BO-PEEP - photos by Wataru Umeda - click for full size Fresh from their tour of the UK and about to launch their forth album "Sick Orange Television" its time to say hello to the Tokyo-based punk-rock group BO-PEEP. Composed of lead guitarist and singer Mika Yoshimura, bass player Junko Himei and drummer Ryoko Nakano these three girls from Fukuoka dish out a manic energy and mastery of the spine chilling scream that few in their audiences will ever forget. If you've ever wondered what genuine head banging Japanese female rockers look and sound like -- you're about to find out.

On June 2, 2008 the members of BO-PEEP were kind enough to give an interview to Andrew from J-Pop World.

BO-PEEP - click for full size Where did the group's name come from?

Himei: It came of course from the children's story "Mother Goose". BO-PEEP was the female shepherd's name. She was a very carefree girl. Her character looks exactly Nakano!

How would you describe the group's musical style?

Yoshimura: Our style is emotional, active, optimistic, serious and pop.

How has your music changed over time?

Yoshimura: Overtime we more deeply developed the intention of our music. Our stagecraft and the emotional intensity has expanded greatly, too.

Tell us about how you write music. What inspires you?

BO-PEEP - photo by Wataru Umeda - click for full size Himei: Inspiration comes from various places. Sometimes it is from joy or anger. Sometimes inspiration comes from reading and listening to other music. I compose with my bass when a melody hits me.

Yoshimura: I get inspired by seeing and listening to a good-looking band.

Nakano: For me inspiration comes from my favorite bands as well as the other music I listen to in our daily life.

Yoshimura and Nakano, you first met in 1992. What did you first think of each other?

Yoshimura: I thought she seemed quiet.

Nakano: I thought she looked like a 70's Rock star!

Do remember the first songs you play together?

Yoshimura: Maybe...we played Cherry Bomb by The Runaways. Maybe...

What year did Himei join the group?

Himei: I was invited in 2000. So we started BO-PEEP.

Junko Himei - photo by Wataru Umeda - click for full size After growing up and forming in the western city of Fukuoka you made the major decision to move to Tokyo to pursue your musical careers. How did your lives change?

Himei: Our life changed very much. I worked more seriously in Tokyo than when I was in Fukuoka.

Yoshimura: I also changed when we arrived. I began to think more deeply about the band and life.

Nakano: Tokyo's lifestyle is more serious than Fukuoka's is. One reason is that the prices are much higher in Tokyo. There are so many connections and stimulations to living in Tokyo.

Since you all grew up in the western Kansai area of Japan did you feel you had an accent when you came to Tokyo?

Himei: Yes, I did. But I don't mind it now.

Yoshimura: Yes, I did.

Nakano: Yes, I did also. Actually I still speak with a local accent.

You released your first album "OX3" in June of 2003. Tell us about it.

Himei: It was the first time that we recorded regularly. But we didn't really know how to express our sound to a recording engineer yet.

Ryoko Nakano - photo by Wataru Umeda - click for full size In 2005 you released your second album "Time of Rock." What were your favorite tracks to play in concert?

Himei: That would be "Phase Rock," "Frida," "I'm Still Looking for a Place" and "Full Time". It's almost, haha!

Yoshimura: I'd say "Full Time" and "Phase Rock."

Nakano: For me its also "Full Time," "Phase Rock," "I'm Still Looking for a Place" and "Frida."

Your third album "Is It Good For You?" came out January of 2007. How did the music differ from your first two albums?

Himei: We tried to express our sound and intent more clearly than before.

Yoshimura: Yeah, our direction had become clearer.

Nakano: I would say that our 3rd album really established our style.

Do you ever cover songs in concert?

Nakano: We currently just do "Hairy" from "Vaselines."

Mika Yoshimura - photo by Wataru Umeda - click for full size You just finished a tour of the UK in May. Tell us about it.

Himei: Actually I didn't tour this time because I was taking care my baby. But I was glad that many people swam in our sound sea.

Yoshimura: I was glad that lots of people got to know BO-PEEP.

Nakano: It was great that many people got to know BO-PEEP and enjoyed our shows.

Have you toured overseas before?

Himei: We have toured only to the UK twice. We got a lot of favorable comments which influenced our concerts afterward.

Yoshimura: It was a happy time.

Nakano: It was very happy to see people rise in our show.

Let's learn a little more about each of you. First, do you have nicknames for each other?

Himei: Yes. I call Yoshimura "Oyabin". "Oyabin" means a boss in Japanese. I call Nakano "Ryokotan" which means "Miss Ryoko" in Japanese.

Yoshimura: I call them "Ryoko chan" and "Hime."

Nakano: I call them "Mika" and "Hime."

So Himei has been taking care of her new baby. Congratulations! Has anyone else in the group been married?

Himei: Just Ryoko and I have.

Nakano: I am married. My husband is also a musician.

What are some of your favorite music groups?

Himei: My favorite is Last Days of April, Chemical Brothers, Sakamoto Ryuichi and many more.

Yoshimura: My favorite music groups are Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, Pavement, Rage Against the Machine and more.

Nakano: For me, Pixsies, Smashing Pumpkins, PJ Harvey, Siouxsie and the Banshees and others.

What was each person's favorite class back in school?

Himei: My favorite was always music.

Yoshimura: For me it was physical education and music.

Nakano: My favorite was actually physical education.

What other jobs have you all done?

Himei: I'm a full-time housewife now!

Yoshimura: I worked at an Izakaya (Japanese drinking place), did delivery, did some office work and other stuff...

Nakano: I also worked at the office and at an Italian restaurant.

What are some of your favorite food and drink?

Himei: My favorite is white rice, miso soup, nattou and beer!

Yoshimura: My favorite food and drink is yakitori and beer!!!

Nakano: My favorites are pasta, sushi, beer and wine

As an all girl group did you ever fight over boyfriends?

Nakano: Of course there was no fighting!

Do you have a final message for your fans?

Himei: Please listen to our new Japanese album "Sick Orange Television" and our new UK release of "Is It Good For You?!" and come to our concerts!

Yoshimura: Come see our shows so we can enjoy together!

Nakano: I'm looking forward to seeing you all at our shows. Thank you so much for everyone's support!

For more info checkout BO-PEEP's official site and MySpace page. Leave your comments about this interview and read what others had to say at the following link: Interview Comments