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Dead End Vital Stats
Morrie - Vocals

You - Guitar

"Crazy" Cool-Joe - Bass

Minato - Drums

Dress Burning


Metamorphosis - click for full size
Metamorphosis (11-11-2009)
1. Materou Game (Game of Skyscraper)
2. Dress Burning
3. Terepashi (Incarnation)
4. Devil Sleep
5. Shinen (God Monkey)
6. Giji Venus (Venus Dummy)
7. Princess
8. Guillotine
9. Kill Me Baby
10. Meigou (Ultimate Fuse)

Dead Line (reissue: 11-11-2009)
Spider In The Brain
Back In The Shadows
The Awakening
Sacrifice Of The Vision
Definitive Urge
Perfume Of Violence
Beyond The Reincarnation
Worst Song

shambara +2 (re: 11-11-2009)

Ghost Of Romance +1 (re: 11-11-2009)

Zero (re: 12-23-2009)

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Dead End Interview

Photo by Mote Sinabel © Dead End - click for full size

"Before playing with the members of Dead End on some of the Creature Creature recordings I was curious what kind of musician/person they became. After they played I started thinking that a Dead End reunion would be extraordinary." - Morrie

Once upon a time a rock group with the chilling name "Dead End" left their mark on the Visual Kei movement, creating a fascinating visual experience that enhanced the power of their own music and became a source of inspiration for many groups who would follow them. Twenty years after their last performance together the four members of the band decided to team up once again for a series of reunion shows. And much to the delight of their fans, they also decided to return to the studio to create a brand new Dead End album: "Metamorphosis."

On November 10, 2009, Morrie, You and "Crazy" Cool-Joe of Dead End were kind enough to give an interview to Andrew from J-Pop World talking about their historic reunion, the re-releases of their classics albums and the new shows they have scheduled. All photos courtesy of Dead End with credits to Mote Sinabel and Saori Tsuji.

Congratulations on the return of Dead End. It's been awhile since your last performance together on January 21st, 1990 at the Nakano Sun Plaza in Tokyo. Can you share with us your thoughts as you first stepped onto the stage at Makuhari Messe on August 15?

You: 20 years has passed since the final show, I did not feel any sense of incongruity. I think the other members felt that too.

Cool-Joe: I was very happy when I heard Dead End was going to play the show on 15th August.

Morrie: Before the reunion event we did one rehearsal. It was impressive to me. I arrived a bit late and I walked in while they were playing Psychomania. It all seemed very natural, like time stopped and we were having a regular rehearsal before a show.

What were your feelings as you went through your set list? How did it compare to the earlier days of Dead End performing together?

You: The set list that we played on the show contained a new song called Dress Burning, and at the show that song felt very familiar with us already, even with one rehearsal.

Cool-Joe: The show was too short to comment. Compared to the earlier lives, nothing has changed.

Morrie: I performed to the audience and at the same time I observed myself and the members. I was not enjoying, I was tasting. It is too long ago to remember (laughs). I had a weird sensation as though we were playing a new song when in fact we were playing an old song.

Was there a single song or moment that was a highlight of the event for you?

You: If I would say "highlight," it would have been the intro of the first song.

Cool-Joe: The first song Danse Macabre.

Morrie: The fifth song of the set, Dress Burning. It was exciting because the audience had never heard it. The old songs already have their own power.

Photo © Dead End - click for full size

After the show was over what did you all do? What did you talk about?

You: I had a nice time with my friend after the show, I did not talk much with members. I went back to my home before the event finished.

Cool-Joe: We went out drinking. Nothing special, just "Otsukare-sama."

Morrie: We were in the dressing room while other musicians from the event came to greet us. Dead End never hangs out together. We each have our own world and territory. We never talked about the show. Joe and I went to the after party, You and Minato went home to work on parts for the recording the following day.

Morrie, after the big announcement for the August 15th show, fans were happy to hear that your solo project Creature Creature added several more dates in September for the "Simone and the Wrath" series. Dead End fans also got an added treat?

Morrie: You played Paradise with Creature Creature in Osaka as a special guest.

In 2006 Dead End had a "virtual" reunion working on the Creature Creature creation "Light & Lust" where each of you recorded their contributions separately. Was that the spark for the idea to get together for a performance?

You: There was not a certain reason when I recorded "Light & Lust" on Creature Creature. But there is no doubt that one of the reasons for Dead End's reunion happened when I played as special guest on Creature Creature's first gig.

Cool-Joe: Then nothing flashed, I simply had been asked by Morrie to do some recording for Creature Creature.

Morrie: Before playing with the members of Dead End on some of the Creature Creature recordings I was curious what kind of musician/person they became. After they played I started thinking that a Dead End reunion would be extraordinary.

Can you walk us through your own personal reunion? When did the four of you first get together again?

You: Actually, I had met all the Dead End's members on the day of the rehearsal and had not met with all the members together since we stopped.

Morrie: Three days before the event of August 15 was the first time we were all together. In Dead End, we never have meetings, we just get together and play.

Can you tell us some of the things you talked about and reminisced on?

You: I just remember that I did not talk much about anything or any memories.

Cool-Joe: I said "Long time no see you guys, how have you been?"

Morrie: I do not think we did. We do not look back.

Photo by Mote Sinabel © Dead End - click for full size

How did you decide on the set list you were going to perform?

You: Morrie decided the set list.

Morrie: I decided the set list and systematically choose the first and last song of each release. It did not work so then I modified it.

How did you prepare for the show?

You: I just focused on freshness, I did not practice myself.

Cool-Joe: I was just remembering Dead End's songs.

Morrie: Any preparations were solitary. In the one rehearsal we went through the set twice. It had been 20 years...

We have to ask... how long did it take the band to prepare visually for the show (hair, clothing and all that)?

You: None. I did not have any preparation.

Cool-Joe: Nothing special. It was quite natural.

Morrie: 30-40 minutes.

How did the preparation compare to your earlier shows?

You: Obviously, I took much more time for everything in former days.

Cool-Joe: Too short to compare.

Morrie: For me, less hair volume. I used to do it alone -- that show I had some help.

Btw, did anyone play one of the same instruments or wear any clothing item you used back when the band was first together?

You: Nobody used such old things.

Cool-Joe: No.

Morrie: I think Joe played the same bass.

Vintage Dead End - photo by Saori Tsuji © Dead End

Did you do any ritual before the show? Did Dead End have any rituals they use to do before the shows years ago?

You: There is no ritual thing now or then.

Cool-Joe: Nothing special.

When will the next Dead End shows be?

Cool-Joe: November!

Morrie: November 17 and 20.

You have been re-releasing some of your music this year, including a reissue of your 1987 album "Ghost Of Romance." Can you tell us more?

Morrie: We just re-mastered "Dead Line," "Ghost of Romance" and "shambara," all to be released on November 11 with bonus material. "Zero" (live album) will be re-mastered later this month and have a December release. The bonus DVD of "Dead Line" is from January 1987, "Osaka Ma ni chi Hall."

You: "Ghost Of Romance" and "shambara" will be reissued by remastered SHM-CD from Victor. And also, "Zero" and "Live" will be released by remaster Bluespec CD from BMG.

Can each of you give us a review of what you've been up to lately?

You: There is no private time these days.

Cool-Joe: Watching baseball games.

Morrie: Arranging the bookshelves.

Does anyone have any upcoming projects they want to tell us about?

You: I have not decided yet.

Morrie: In addition to the upcoming Dead End lives in November, this December, Creature Creature will have two shows in China and a show in Tokyo.

If we can take a little trip into the past, can you tell us your memories of writing and recording the awesome song Embryo Burning?

You: Embryo Burning was the first recorded song in the album "shambara." I remember it had taken a really long time. But we could record with a wonderful sound and heaviness. The outro came like a flash, it did not take a long time.

If there was one single song that best showcases the soul of Dead End, what would it be?

You: I am fond of some songs, but I don't think there is a song that showcases Dead End. There are many secrets inside the story of Dead End, I will talk next chance.

Morrie: Song of a Lunatic. It is a look into the abyss, the back of my head.

Let's end with a simple question. What does Dead End mean to each of you?

You: There is no meaning but I am positive that it is a very comfortable place.

Cool-Joe: There is no meaning. We went out seriously.

Morrie: No control. No one knows what is going to happen next.

Does anyone have anything else they want to bring up or comment on?

You: I am very happy that our songs will be listened to overseas. I think that I will have to create better and better, this will be an important point.

Cool-Joe: I want to play overseas.

Do you have a final message to all your fans?

You: Dead End activity is only Japanese domestic, but I want to play in many countries. When we get your town, please head to the venue, and simply enjoy our music. We Dead End will improve ourselves and we will rock your town!!

Cool-Joe: Dead End has created a brilliant album! You must check this out -- for older fans, young fans, and unknown people.

Morrie: Listen to Metamorphosis.

For more info checkout Dead End's official site and MySpace page. Leave your comments about this interview and read what others had to say at the following link: Interview Comments