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Dirtrucks Vital Stats
Celica - Vocals
Birthday: January 2nd
Birthplace: Yokohama
Rui - Guitar
Birthday: January 20th
Birthplace: Tokyo
Deth-Tomo - Bass
Birthday: March 16th
Birthplace: Japan!
Sae - Drums
Birthday: November 30th
Birthplace: Yokohama

The Rocker

Deep Inside My Heart


Coming Over Me/You
Yellow Rose
Ordinary Bad Girl

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Dirtrucks Interview

Dirtrucks - photo by by Ken Takai GS photo works - click for full size When you name your band "Dirtrucks" getting down and dirty in the name of rock comes with the territory. And these four hard rocking Japanese women know a thing or two about playing rough clubs with their custom blend of Motley Crue and Joan Jett style music. So take some time to hear what Celica, Rui, Deth-Tomo and Sae had to say about their band, their new CD, their upcoming European tour and what life is like on the road.

On October 23rd, 2008 the members of Dirtrucks were kind enough to give an interview to Andrew from J-Pop World.

Dirtrucks - photo by metal inside - click for full size Dirtrucks was formed in 2005 as a three person group. Rui and Sae, can you tell us how you first met Dee and decided to form a band?

Rui: My ex-band split up then, so I was looking for new members using the internet. And Sae and Dee found me.

Sae: Before we formed Dirtrucks Dee and I were already friends. Then Dee had a band but they split up. One day she asked me to form a band together and to be a drummer. I answered yes, though I'd never played any instruments before.

Where did the name Dirtrucks come from?


What were some of the first songs you played together?

Rui: Ordinary Bad Girl. This song is written by Dee. We don't play the song anymore because Dee left the band.

Sae: And I remember Cherry Bomb from The Runaways.

Rui - click for full size How would you describe your live performance style?

Rui: I just concentrate on playing the guitar.

Deth-Tomo: I just enjoy playing the bass and enjoy rock n' roll! I want to share it with the audience!

Sae: Just simple and cheap rock 'n' roll.

Celica: I'm just feeling, moving and singing rock 'n' roll!

You have a new 5-song EP out called "Coming Over Me/You." Tell us a little about the songs.

Sae: Shame is a song about a dumb bastard who always betrays girls.

Rui: Catch Me--this is a song making fun of a jerk. He sucks!

Sae: I wrote the lyrics to The Rocker. Its a song about a girl that used to be into a stupid rock star.

Rui: I'm happy when I'm playing this song! But when I was making this song, I wasn't happy, because I was busy and we had to make a song. It was hard!!!

Rui: Float In Haze--I made this song somehow one day when I was just playing the guitar.

Sae: Coming Over Me is a song about money--it doesn't have any sexual meanings.

Rui: Those last three are new versions of our old songs. We re-recorded them because our sounds have changed since Deth-Tomo and Celica joined us.

This November you will be touring in France. What can your fans lucky enough to see you there expect?

We will tour the cities we have never been to, so we expect to see new fans and meet old fans again.

Deth - click for full size Can we expect another North American tour sometime in 2009?

Rui: We really hope so!! Please somebody invite us!

Deth-Tomo: If a U.S. promoter who sees this interview, please contact us!

Celica: Of course we can play anytime if you want.

In June of 2006 you did your first tour of the US. What was that like?

Rui: We met so many people. They were so kind! My favorite cities are Detroit and NYC. I want to visit there again.

Sae: It was exciting but sometimes tough, because we had to drive a long distance in a small car.

Do any of the shows or cities stand out in you mind?

Rui: The show in Houston was the best! There were many Turbojugend I remember. They went crazy that night.

Sae: I think Houston was the best as well.

In September and October of that same year you also did a tour of Europe. Do you have any favorite memories of those days?

Rui: Too many good memories! Especially Austria, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia were amazing countries. I and Rieko (our staff) swam in the sea of southern France. Then my foot was injured by so many thorns. It hurt veryyyyyy much!!!!!

Sae: I can't forget a soup which I had backstage of a club in Slovenia. I think it was kind of a traditional one, the most delicious soup I've ever had.

Sae - click for full size Tell us about recording the tracks for your first album, Yellow Rose. What were the recording sessions like?

Rui: We didn't have enough time to record and write the songs. And I had alot of pressure. But we did our best.

Sae: We recorded them quite separately; first drums, next bass, guitars, and last vocals and Rui said we were being rushed. Honestly, I'm not satisfied with them.

In January of 2008 you announced that Dee was leaving the group. What has she been up to since then?

Rui and Sae : We don't know much about what she is doing now. We only know she's been back to her hometown.

In that same month Celica and Deth joined the band. How did you each get asked to join?

Rui: I and Sae were looking for new members using the internet. Then Celica found us.

Deth-Tomo: On November 25, 2007, I went to Motley Crue's tribute event. Then I met Sae and Celica for the first time. They were looking for a new bass player. The bass player was just there, it's me!

Celica: Rui wrote on the internet "We are looking for a bitch." So I thought "Oh, Jesus! They want me, don't they?" haha

What groups have you two been in before?

Deth-Tomo: Cat Daiquiri (2004-2005): The bitch women played favorite 80's cover songs. Blackout (2006): The guys and one bitch woman played original songs. But they really did "blackout" now. Anes (2006-2007): The simple women and one bitch girl played 70's cover songs.

Celica: Just cover bands. They have no motivation so I left the band 2 years ago. I couldn't find a cool band till I met Dirtrucks.

Dirtrucks - photo by by Ken Takai GS photo works - click for full size Let's learn a little more about everyone's background. Where was everyone born?

Rui: I was born in Tokyo and grew up in the city called Saitama. The city is near Tokyo. It's countryside.

Deth-Tomo: Of course, we were born in Japan!

Sae: I was born in Yokohama, a famous city.

Celica: I was born Yokohama also. It's such a beautiful town.

How did each of you get involved in music?

Rui: When I was a child, I learned piano and blew trumpet. When I was 17, I started to play the guitar. My father listened to Simon & Garfunkel every Sunday. I think those songs are my roots in music. I was in some bands, sometimes joined blues sessions. These sessions were exciting experiences. I want to do it again!

Deth-Tomo: I started playing the bass at the age of 14. At first, it didn't look like many people, especially girls, played the bass. That's why I picked the bass to play. Actually, I wasn't really into music itself. But I heard Motley Crue's music, they really rocked my world the first time I saw Dr. Feelgood video. I think a half year later I started playing the bass.

Sae: Every music in the 80's is my roots, especially UK new wave/new romantic/positive punk/punk, Billboard Top 40 and MTV's Headbanger's Ball. I like late 60's and 70's music as well but 80's is the best to me because I grew up listening to them.

Celica - photo by Jun - click for full size Celica: I played the trumpet for 3 years and danced modern ballet for 8 years till I became a junior high school student. In my infancy, I had no ear and no rhythm for music. But later I got good ones and developed an interest in music. Back then I liked and heard J-pop music...I didn't know rock. I met it when I became a high school student, at a light music club. Thanks to them, I changed and got my rosy life! haha

When you were kids did you all dream of being in a rock band?

Rui: No way! I wanted to be a pianist, a dancer or a nurse.

Deth-Tomo: No. I wanted to be a Japanese literature teacher or a cartoonist.

Sae: No, I believed I would be a cartoonist.

Celica: Yes, of course! Because I'm still a kid. Now dreaming! haha

What do you all love most about touring?

Rui: Drinking!!!! And meeting people!!

Deth-Tomo: Drinking beer and enjoying a stage!

Sae: Visiting historical cities. Talking to natives.

Celica: Eating and drinking traditional things. Talking about rock with rock 'n' rollers!

Is anyone married? Any kids?

Rui: No. I want to marry. I'm looking for a good man. Please somebody marry me!

Deth-Tomo: Yes! I married! My husband is Rock N'Roll! And my kid is bass guitar. LOL

Sae: No. I want to someday when I find the best guy.

Celica: I am a kid. haha

What do your family and childhood friends think of you being in a rock band?

Rui: My family are interested in us. My mother said "I want to go to Europe with the band!"

Deth-Tomo: They are not interested in them.

Sae: My family thinks its okay. My childhood friends don't know now I'm in a band.

Celica: My family really objected to it. But now they are my best supporters. My mother gave me miso soup and rice on our last tour. haha

Other than music, what types of things do you enjoy doing?

Rui: I like Yoga and I want to start belly dance someday. I bought a DVD about belly dancing.

Deth-Tomo: Nothing. Rock N'Roll is all of my life.

Sae: Drawing pictures. Reading old manga. Watching football games. Traveling.

Celica: Making something. I have my brand. I made rock shoes last month. It's so cool!

What do you see in the future for Dirtrucks?

Rui: Unnnnnn. I don't know. Now we are lucky, but we should not be content with it. I want to play well!

Deth-Tomo: Maybe we will release 2nd album and we will go to U.S. tour.

Sae: I'm just hoping our upcoming European tour will be successful. And hoping we can tour in Japan as well if we have an opportunity.

Celica: I wanna more heat and kick ass all over the world! Of course with our 2nd album!

Do you have a final message to all your fans?

Rui: Does anyone want to marry me?

Deth-Tomo: Thank you very much for your support! We'd love to see you at our shows. Keep Rockin'!

Sae: Come see us if you love real rock'n'roll.

Celica: Party on! Game on!! Rock on!!! Hell yeah!

For more info checkout Dirtruck's official site and MySpace page. Leave your comments about this interview and read what others had to say at the following link: Interview Comments