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Fairy Mirror Vital Stats
JUNO - Vocals
Birthday: June 20
Birthplace: Shizuoka
Bloodtype: A

KOICHI - Guitar
Birthday: October 31
Birthplace: Nagoya
Bloodtype: O
MORI - Guitar
Birthday: February 26
Birthplace: Osaka
Bloodtype: O
MARI - Bass
Birthday: April 6
Birthplace: Shizuoka
Bloodtype: A
SUGURU - Drums
Birthday: May 20
Birthplace: Okayama
Bloodtype: A

Ms Amazing Fantasy song sample

Amber Moon


Silence (1-1-2005)
01. introduction "EXISTENCE"

Eternal Fortress
Eternal Fortress (6-1-2003)
1. introduction "Open the mirror"
2. WINGS OF JUSTICE03. DEATHBLOW (album version)
5. EARTHLY GRIEF06. THE WILL (album version)
7. FLASH BACK (album version)
11. interlude "Arriving at the gate"

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Fairy Mirror Interview

Fairy Mirror - click for full size

"The reason that I started a band was after watching the TV show "Prince" in junior high school. The performance of the man who played the song piano and the guitar looked very cool to me. It differed a lot from the music of our band now of course." - KOICHI

We don't know exactly what type of music that man played, but we do know that the group Fairy Mirror plays a very appealing version of rock music. Self-described by the group as "Melodic Power Metal" and good old "Heavy Metal", all we need to know is that their songs rock.

Hailing from Osaka, the group has released two albums so far with a third in the works. Composed of JUNO on Vocals, KOICHI and MORI on guitars, MARI on bass and SUGURU banging the drums, this five member group got our heads bobbing.

On April 15, 2010 the members of Fairy Mirror were kind enough to give an interview to Andrew from J-Pop World. All photos courtesy of Fairy Mirror.

Tell us the story of how the band was formed.

KOICHI: A former vocalist SAEKO and I were in a band called INSANIA. In those days, we met MARI from another band. Our bassist left our band at the same time that MARI's band dissolved. We had to look for another bassist and asked MARI to join. We thought that her bass gave a further power-up to our band. She agreed, and joined.

We also had the idea of wanting to become a twin guitar band. Another guitar player that I knew was MORI. He was a classmate when I went to the school of music. We asked him to join our band and he accepted.

We then learned that there was another band with the same name as our at the time. Since the members of our band had changed, we decided to change our band's name. So, we named the band Fairy Mirror.

Thus, Fairy Mirror was formed and our history started. We overcame many difficulties and member changes, and have continued on. And, we want to keep acting in the future -- to our glorious day.

Fairy Mirror

How would you describe your musical style?

KOICHI: Basically, it's Heavy Metal sound. I think that there are various elements to our music, but Heavy Metal sums it up best.

MARI: The main feature of the music of Fairy Mirror is a beautiful melody and an aggressive rhythm.

Amber Moon is a great song. Can you tell us more about it?

KOICHI: Thank you. It's a type of song that didn't exist in our music before. I think that there were a lot of musical elements that we didn't have, and those missing elements really came together with Fairy Mirror in this song.

The music video for Amber Moon does a good job showing off the energy of the group. Tell us more about it.

MARI: This music video was made in commemoration of the tenth year of our music activity. It is a present to our fans. We want a lot of people to see this music video and support our upcoming album.

Fairy Mirror

Amazing Fantasy has some impressive guitar work. Tell us how it was created.

KOICHI: It was a chorus's melody first. A guitar riff from another tune was used for the backing guitar. The idea was a very cool sound, to have multiple recorded parts of various guitars.

Tell us more about the song Eternal Fortress. What is the song about and what does it mean to you?

MARI: The title of this tune means the place where people can find relief in their lives. In the lyrics of this music, there is a meaning: "We admit, and live in each person's existence while supporting each other". We thought that the meaning of the lyrics symbolizes our group, and made it the title tune of our first album.

That album was release in 2003. How big of a moment was that for everyone?

KOICHI: There are greatly memories and we were glad to complete it. At the same time, I better understood the things that should be done afterwards.

MARI: When our first album was produced, all of us were young. Therefore, we did not know if it would succeed. We just hoped that a lot of people would listen to our music.

Fairy Mirror

Other than Eternal Fortress what two or three songs from that album are your favorites to perform live?

KOICHI: I like Wings of Justice, Nine Warriors, Earthly Grief etc. And, we are still performing them all live.

In 2005 you released the album "Silence." How would you compare its music to your earlier work?

KOICHI: I composed the song Silence first. It is a very long, complex tune. Therefore, I think that other tunes were simple arrangements compared with our tune before. And, I think that the variation of style in those tunes was large.

MARI: The album "Silence" was refined more with more attention to arrangement compared with our first album.

The band has now been together for over ten years. What have been some of your favorite performances?

KOICHI: The 10th anniversary LIVE that we did last year was the most impressive, though I want to say "All of them."

MARI: All of them.

You're based in the Osaka area. How would you say the music scene differs in Osaka compared to Tokyo?

KOICHI: I think that the music character of Tokyo in which various people gather is wide. And, I think that there is also depth of music in Osaka.

MARI: Osaka is a city in Japan second largest only to Tokyo. I think that the music scene in Osaka and Tokyo is the same because Japan is a narrow country.

Fairy Mirror

Can you tell us more how you create music? Do you have a process or is each song different?

KOICHI: First of all, I receive the inspiration from something... music, movies, experience, various things... I then change inspiration into music. Then, a melody, a guitar riff, etc. is added to complete the song... every case may be different. It is made with a core theme and the other parts are composed and combined. However, how that composition is done is actually different in each tune. Various miracles come in succession and the tune is completed.

What type of things inspires you the most musically?

KOICHI: If I get something musically it's like a hot soul feeling. I get motivation from all types of music. Especially, I like melancholic melody and intense rhythm, and they make me rouse very much.

Let's learn more about everyone. Can you each tell us about your hometown and what it was like growing up there?

KOICHI: I grew in Nagoya City until I was 18. The city is between Tokyo and Osaka. The influence that it had on me is small though -- but I think that it is a good city.

MARI: I moved to Osaka at the age of three, though I was born in Shizuoka.

MORI: Osaka, Japan. There were so many cultures there, some things old and classical, some things brand-new.

JUNO: My hometown is Shizuoka city in Japan. I was brought up there until I graduated from high school.

How did you first get into music?

KOICHI: I was learning piano in kindergarten. The reason that I started a band was after watching the TV show "Prince" in junior high school. The performance of the man who played the song piano and the guitar looked very cool to me. It differed a lot from the music of our band now of course.

MARI: I studied the electronic organ with my parents' support at 3 years old.

MORI: My elder sister was taking piano lessons, so I naturally started playing and taking lesson as well.

JUNO: My grandmother. When she sang in a choir it got me into singing songs.

Fairy Mirror

How did you pick the type of musical instrument you play?

KOICHI: When I was a junior high school student, I was playing bass. However, my friend was already playing it so I stopped at the time. Another reason is because for me a tune wasn't felt as much when I am playing bass. I felt that the bass line was very trivial then, though it was because I was immature. So, I began to strum the guitar.

MARI: I chose the bass guitar at 15 years old. There were some friends who played other musical instruments in my surroundings so I chose the bass.

MORI: There were many kinds of instrumental around me growing up: piano played by my sister, guitar played by father, violin played by my grandmother.

JUNO: I think that the appeal of voice has a great power. I don't see a more accessible outlet for expression than singing.

When you were in high school what type of career did you think you would have?

KOICHI: I wanted to become a musician and a guitarist. Also, I liked movies, so I also wanted to enter the publicity department of a movie company.

MARI: When I was a high school student I wanted to start in either music or a designer's occupation.

MORI: I just wanted to be a guitar player.

JUNO: I thought that I'd became an office worker in Marunouchi (Tokyo).

Tell us about the first band you were in before joining Fairy Mirror.

KOICHI: I was active in the band that became the antecedent of Fairy Mirror.

MARI: I was playing the bass guitar in a neoclassical hard rock band.

MORI: When I was 15 years old I played some cover songs with my school mates.

JUNO: I was in many tribute bands.

On the more personal side, anyone married? Any kids?

MARI: None of us are married. Of course, there are no children either.

Any plans on marriage or kids in the future?

KOICHI: I do not have a schedule. However, it will be great if it happens.

MARI: Only the gods know. (^^

MORI: Not decided.

JUNO: I'll give it all the consideration it deserves.

What do your family and friends think about your musical life?

KOICHI: I think that they are supporting my music activity. I want to say "thank you" for their support.

MARI: Perhaps, they are supported my musical life.

MORI: Fortunately they give me support in many ways.

JUNO: I feel they are supporting me and enjoying our music.

Outside of music, what do you all do for fun and relaxation?

KOICHI: I like to watch professional wrestling and movies while drinking sake.

MARI: I go on trips to the southern islands and refresh.

JUNO: Eating, chatting, and aromatherapy.

KOICHI: I want to make a new tune as long as time permits for a new album.

MARI: We want to begin recording the upcoming album by the end of this year.

Do you have a final message to all your fans?

KOICHI: I want to keep composing and performing my own music with pride as long as my energy continues. And, if our tunes makes a lot of people think it is cool, I am very glad.

MARI: We'll hold shows in various places making a lot of good music in the future. We also want more foreigner people to listen to our music.

For more info checkout Fairy Mirror's official site and MySpace page. Leave your comments about this interview and read what others had to say at the following link: Interview Comments