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Daisuke - Saxophone
Birthday: October 29, 1980
Birthplace: Kyoto
Blood type: A

Melten - Keyboard
Birthday: February 13, 1983
Birthplace: Kyoto
Blood type: AB

Yuki - Bass
Birthday: June 23, 1979
Birthplace: Shiga
Blood type: B

Makoto - Trumpet
Birthday: May 13, 1978
Birthplace: Miyazaki
Blood type: B

Yohei - Drums
Birthday: July 15, 1981
Birthplace: Shiga
Blood type: B

Shirokuma song sample

Behind The Wind



REVENGE of the SPACE MONSTER - click for full size
REVENGE of the SPACE MONSTER (11-4-2009)
11. AREA51
(Buy at Daruma Label)
Check This Out!! - click for full size
Check This Out!! (3-18-2009)

Infinite Works - click for full size
Infinite Works (7-2-2008)

and infinite jazz... - click for full size
and infinite jazz... (7-4-2007)

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JABBERLOOP - click for full size

"We believe Jazz has infinite possibility." - JABBERLOOP

What's a Jabberloop you ask? It's Jazz, baby! The five musicians who go by the Star Wars inspired name JABBERLOOP have been playing together since 2004. After a series of Jazz albums in Japan the group just made their North American debut with the November release of "REVENGE of the SPACE MONSTER" through the Daruma Label.

Featuring Daisuke on sax, Melten on keyboard, Yuki on bass, Makoto at trumpet and Yohei banging the drums, JABBERLOOP play a varied Jazz sound to achieve, as they put it, "to make songs that people can hum easily."

On December 14, 2009 the members of JABBERLOOP were kind enough to give an interview to Andrew from J-Pop World. All photos courtesy of JABBERLOOP.

How did the band first get together back in 2004?

We started our career when we played jam sessions at Club Metro in Kyoto.

Were you all into the same type of music at the time?

No, not at all. Rock, funk, jazz etc... We mixed each players taste, and finally JABBERLOOP became a CROSSOVER music band.

What were the first few years together like? What type of places did you play at?

We have performed at clubs and streets everyday.

In 2007 you released your first album, "UGETSU," through Mukatsuku Records, a UK label which specializes in Jazz music released on actual vinyl records. How did that come about?

When we hung out at a club, we passed our promo CD to fans, and somehow Nik Weston in UK got one of the promos.

Tell us about writing and recording the music for "UGETSU."

UGETSU means "Rain Month" in Japanese. We earned money by performing on the street, so it was tough in the rainy season for us because we could not play on the street. This song helped us from that life.

JABBERLOOP - click for full size

That same year you also released the CD "and infinite jazz..." in Japan. Tell us a little about the music and how you felt when that album came out.

We believe Jazz has infinite possibility. We had hope and excitement when we released this album.

Can you tell us about how the band writes music? Is there a process you go through, or is each song different?

Each song is different. Every member brings ideas and we put it all together.

Do you have any "principals" or a "philosophy of music" that guides your music creation?

We want to make songs that people can hum easily.

In March of 2009 you released the album "Check This Out!!" How would you say its music compares to your earlier work?

We put songs that we haven't played in the past album and not our taste on purpose.

Tell us more about the song Shirokuma.

Shirokuma means "white bear" in Japanese. The white bear is the biggest predatory animal on Earth. But, it is in danger of extinction because of environmental destruction. We made a proposal for environmental destruction.


On November 4th you made your debut in the US with the release of "REVENGE of the SPACE MONSTER" through Daruma Label. Was that an exciting moment for you?

It's soooooo exciting!!!!!!!! We have wanted to bring our music to all over the world since we formed JABBERLOOP. U.S. debut is big step for us.

The video for the song AREA51 does a great job showing the band's intensity. Can you tell us the story behind the song and shooting the video?

The music video was shot at a live house in Tokyo and we tried to expand the upper atmosphere of Shirokuma. Our performances always have high energy like this music video. haha!

Behind The Wind is a good example of the smooth Jazz style of the band. Who wrote this one?

Melten (Keyboard) wrote this song. We wanted to make a song that has melodic and lyricism.

Do you have one or two songs that you think best captures the essence of the band?

Into the infinite jazz... and RE: Loop.

How do you prepare for a performance? Do you have any rituals you do before going on stage?

Stretching, relaxing, and making noises.

What is the atmosphere like when you're traveling together?

All fun. We talk a lot.


What are the band's plans for the rest of the year and next?

We are going to perform in Tokyo, Kyoto and Taiwan.

Let's learn more about your past. Where are you all from?

JABBERLOOP was born in Kyoto where old and new culture are mixed. There are so many creative people there. Club Music is really popular in Kyoto too.

How did you first discover Jazz?

Actually I don't remember when I started. (I started anyhow.) It might be my parents' influence and club activities.

When and why did you decide to make music such a big part of your life?

We can't do anything except music...

What did your family and friends think of your love of music?

They opposed that we played music in the past, but now they support what we do.

How did you each pick the instrument you play?

Destiny. We chose the perfect instrument for each member.

JABBERLOOP - click for full size

Looking back now, what are your fondest memories of being a member of JABBERLOOP?

We could meet people and could go places, as we are JABBERLOOP.

Btw, who came up with the name and what does it mean?

We picked the band name from Star Wars.

Outside of music what do you all do for fun and relaxation?

Yuki (Bass): Taking a bath (only half the body).

Yohei (Drums): Riding a Bicycle.

Melten (Keyboard): Reading Comic Book (Manga).

Makoto (Trumpet) and Daisuke (Saxophone): Watching TV.

Let's end with the big question: what does Jazz mean to you?

Keep challenging!

Do you have a final message to all your fans?

Please listen and enjoy our words = our music!! We are looking forward to performing in your city.

For more info checkout JABBERLOOP at Daruma Label, their official site and MySpace page. Leave your comments about this interview and read what others had to say at the following link: Interview Comments