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Love etc. Vital Stats

Yasuyo - Vocals
Hometown: Gifu Prefecture

Tsubasa - Piano
Hometown: Shizuoka Prefecture

Seeking song sample

Seeking - Live at Sakura Matsuri NYC 5/3/08


Sunset and Sunrise
1. Proof
2. Shiki
3. Depth
5. fairy tale
6. I believe In You
7. Sunset & Sunrise

1. Brilliant Precious
3. Walking Dream
4. Happy Drive
5. Sunset & Sunrise
6. seeking

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Love etc. Interview

Love etc. Once upon a time two talented Japanese women named Yasuyo and Tsubasa both moved to New York to pursue separate careers in music. In 2005 they met and formed the group Love etc. With the addition of bass player Danny Zanker and drummer Yutaka the group has recorded two albums, creating a musical style that combines Japanese Pop with touches of Classic music and soulful Jazz.

On June 14, 2008 Yasuyo and Tsubasa were kind enough to give an interview to Andrew from J-Pop World.

Love etc. The two of you first met in 2004. Tell us the story behind forming the group.

Yasuyo: I was visiting a friend at school to finish recording a project for a class and Tsubasa was there. I was going to record my song with the guitar but Tsubasa ended up playing keys for me. Tsubasa liked my voice and we both kind of wanted to find someone to play music with, so we started to collaborate.

How did you come up with the name Love etc.?

Yasuyo: What we wanted to express is the love. The message on our MySpace page is "life is love, love is music." That's what we believe.

How would you describe your music?

We express our soul in the mixture of Pop, Classic, Jazz, Rock, Ambient and etc.

Love etc. Tsubasa, you won a scholarship to Boston's Berklee School of Music in 1998. Tell us about that experience.

Tsubasa: Once a year Berklee does an audition in Japan and my piano teacher suggested I try out. The judges were all nice to me and the audition was very different from the experience I had had before. I only had a classic experience and always had to pay attention not to make any mistakes. But at the audition I realized that music could be enjoyed without thinking about mistakes. I was very surprised and felt the music more deeply.

You currently live in New York. What about the city did you find most surprising?

Tsubasa: It was so full of energy and the city never slept. It surprised me a lot. Many famous people stay in NY so I felt the competition as a musician is very fierce.

Love etc. Yasuyo, you moved to New York in 2001 and later attended CUNY. What do you remember most from those first few years?

The first year in NY -- I was very shocked at what happened on 911. I became unbalanced and anxious. But I learned to keep up my spirits, to be strong.

I entered CUNY in 2003. The first year there was very tough though since I still didn't understand English well enough. I found that I loved my family and friends even more than before.

Tell us about your bass player, Danny Zanker.

Yausyo: He has a lot of ideas and energy for playing music.

Tsubasa: He strongly believes in his own way when he plays.

Tell us about your drummer, Yutaka.

Yasuyo: He also has many ideas for music and plays delicately.

Tsubasa: His drum playing shows who he is. His sound could lap all of our sound over.

Love etc. Your first album was called "seeking." Tell us the story behind its creation.

We think "seeking" is our first masterpiece. We all went to Philadelphia to record songs for this album.

Your second album was "Sunset and Sunrise." What songs are you most proud of?

Yasuyo: Sakura, because my mom likes it.

Tsubasa: Every song. Each song has a particular meaning to me.

You've performed in both the US and Japan. How different do you find the audiences to be?

US audiences seem to enjoy and join in our music even though they don't know the songs. Japanese audience listed to music maybe a little more seriously, but they don't always know how to enjoy unknown songs as much.

Love etc. What was your most memorable performance?

Yasuyo: Sakura Matsuri in May 2008. I wanted to play our song "Sakura" (My mom's favorite) at Sakura Matsuri in Brooklyn Botanic Garden, and the dream came true. I was very happy.

Also our performance at the Knitting Factory with Swinging Popsicle from Japan is also memorable since both bands really enjoyed the performances.

Tsubasa: For me, when we just started to play together. We appeared at a bar in Queens often. One of the times we played as a duo for a special guest. It was a memorable performance.

Also, a performance we did at LaGuardia Community College was unforgettable.

Who were your favorite music groups growing up?

Yasuyo: Chorus songs since I joined a local choir when I was 6.

Tsubasa: Classic Music with figure skating. My mom didn't allow me to watch TV except figure skating. My mom sings nicely and I loved it.

Love etc. What musicians do you most admire today?

Yasuyo: Rufus Wainwright, Feist, the pillows, Susan Cagle.

Tsubasa: Yellow Jackets, King Crimson, Keith Jalrrett, Kinniku Shoujyo Tai.

What were your favorite classes in school?

Yasuyo: Japanese, Gym, and Music

Tsubasa: Math, Japanese, and Music (but I always tensed up when I had to perform).

Did your parents have a musical background?

Y & T: No

When not involved in music, what type of activities do you enjoy?

Yasuyo: Spending time with family and friends, reading books.

Tsubasa: I enjoy conversations with friends, and just feeling the air and the wind.

What advice would you give a young person with a dream of becoming a professional musician?

Just believe in yourself!

What does the future hold for Love etc.?

Sending our Love to people all aver the world.

Do you have a final message to your fans?

Thank you all for your support, love you always.

For more info checkout Love etc.'s official site and MySpace page. Leave your comments about this interview and read what others had to say at the following link: Interview Comments