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Peelander-Z Vital Stats
Peelander-Yellow Peelander-Yellow - vocals/guitar
Blood type: Peelander Yellow
(Kengo Hioki of Hyogo, Japan)

Peelander-Red Peelander-Red - bass/vocal
Blood type: Peelander Red
(Kotaro Tsukada of Kagoshima)

Peelander-Green Peelander-Green - drums/vocal
Blood type: Peelander Green
(Akihiko Naruse of Kumamoto)

Ninja High School song sample


Mad Tiger


Happee Mania (2006)
Dancing Friendly (2005)
P-Bone Steak (2003)
Rocket Gold Star (2001)

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Peelander-Z Interview

Peelander-Z - Photo by Miyuki Samata - click for full size They're not Japanese. They're not Americans. They're not human beings. They are Peelander-Z, the interstellar masters of "Japanese Action Comic Punk." If you have a hankering for some human bowling, colorful wrestling and ear splitting punk rock music then you've just stumbled upon your own personal nirvana.

So put on your own color of P-skin, stomp your feet and join the fun with three transplanted Japanese characters who have brought the World of Peelander to the Big Apple and beyond.

On December 24, 2008 the members of Peelander-Z were kind enough to give an interview to Andrew from J-Pop World. All photos courtesy of Peelander-Z with credits to Miyuki Samata, Kris Arnold and Ryota Mori.

First let's cover the laws and lore of Planet Peelander in our ten-question Peelander-Quiz:

1) It looks like you are three Earthlings wearing costumes, but what in fact are people seeing when they look at you?

People might think we wear costumes, but it's not. It's our skin!!!! Yellow, Red and Green skin. Please don't say "Your costume is awesome!" Say "Nice P-Skin!"

Peelander-Yellow - Photo by Kris Arnold - click for full size 2) Where exactly is Planet Peelander?

Don't even try to find where our planet is. Just try to feel it. If you do that, it will appear somewhere. It might be in your noodle soup. It might be in your brains. Don't think about it!!! Feeeeeeeeeel it!!

3) What do people from Planet Peelander eat?

We eat your smile. Give us your big smile. Hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!

4) How did you come to Earth?

We got here by starship that our school gave us. Yes, it's a Peelander-Space-Scholarship-Starship. We were good students in P-POP-HIGH SCHOOL.

5) What is your mission here?

People on Planet-Peelander are hungry from want of food. As I told you our food is your smile. Sending lots of smile to them is our mission. We make you smile, and we get your smile. You are happee and we are happee!!!! This is communication.

Photo courtesy of Peelander-Z - click for full size 6) What is the unusual bowling you do on stage? Is it some type of mating ritual?

Actually, it's not bowling for us. It is a ceremony for the start in happee life with Peelander-Z. Come to see it and join us!!!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

7) There seems to be a fair amount of wresting involved in Peelandering. Is this more mating ritual?

We do limbo dance and... Oops! I don't want to tell you more now. If you come to see us, you would know everything you want to know. Seeing is believing!!!! You will be P-witness.

8) What's the meaning of the different colors?

Same as traffic lights!!! We guard your road safety.

9) Are there parts of Peelander anatomy that is larger or smaller than what is found on the average Earthling?

We know everything about our anatomy, but we don't think it and don't use it. Our style is like water. Be water!!!!!

10) What about Planet Peelander do you feel is most misunderstood?

We are not Japanese!
We are not American!
We are not human beings!
We are Peelander-Z!!

Peelander-Red - Photo by Kris Arnold - click for full size Let's take a dimensional shift and get to know more about the brains behind your band. How did the three of you actually meet?

We met in preschool in Z area of Peelander-Planet! Hahaha!

Actually, Red and I (P-yellow) met in NYC. Green was in the one of my favorite bands in Japan. Unfortunately they broke up, and then we headhunted him.

Can you tell us a little about the neighborhoods where you grew up?

I grew up in the nature of Hyogo, Japan. A river was running in front of my parent house, and there was a pond in the back. That's why I love to drive and stay in the country of the US. It's like meditation for me.

How did you all first get into music and performing?

I was born with music. Yeah!

Peelander-Green - Photo courtesy of Peelander-Z - click for full size Was Peelander-Z the first band each of you was in?

P-Green was in a Japanese rock band, The Portugal Japan before.

What type of mindset in the audience are you trying to create when you are performing?

I'd like to say that our audience is not an audience for us. They all are our guests. We just help them to produce their show. This is P-Collaboration.

How did you all come up with the Peelander persona?

Yellow comes from Sun.
Green was born in forest.
Red loves fire.

What's the story behind the 1999 release of your first mini album "Peelander-Z?"

Wow! How fast the time passes! We wanted more people to know Peelander-Z.

In 2001 you release your first full album, Rocket Gold Star. How exhilarating was that moment?

We recorded by reel to reel in my friend's basement. It was so much fun. I got rocket to the space------!!!!!!

Photo courtesy of Peelander-Z - click for full size Can you tell us about your writing process? What comes first, the lyrics or the music?

Writing songs are very easy for me.
Both lyrics and music come to me together. They overflow from my stinky brains just like water. Am I a genius?

Was 2001 the first time you toured in Japan?

I guess so.

How did Japanese audiences respond to your show compared to those in New York?

American audience knows how to have fun at a show. They just need good performances. Japanese audience needs more information before having fun.

As you've come out with more albums and done more tours, what constants have you tried to maintain in your music and performance?

Music is just a part of our performances. We put more special emphasis on performances. We'd like to perform without music someday.

What songs do you think best showcase what the band is all about?

All songs of us are cool and fun!!!!!

Tell us about the song Super Health.

What is most important thing in my life? One day, I asked by myself. My final answer is "Health". Yes! Super Health!. I'd say "Sleep well!!!!!!!!!!!"


What a health! Super Health!
I wake up at 4 o'clock morning,
and then radio exercises
Eat rice and vegetables
Listen! Sleep well!

© Lyrics by Peelander-Z

Do any shows stand out in your minds?

It's the show when I got injured. I jumped off the 2nd floor of the venue in New Mexico, and broke my foot. I was so coooool!

In June of this year Kazuki Yamamoto aka Peelander Blue left the band to both assume the throne of Peelander Planet and, rumor has it, to tend to his new marriage. Any chance of a special appearance by him in 2009?

Don't think it!!!!! Feeeeeeeeeeel!!!!!

Wrestling plays a big part in your shows. Was that something everyone had always been interested in?

Our wrestling is P-wrestling. It is FUNFUNFUNFUN!!!!

If someone made a Peelander-Z game for the Wii, what type of stuff would be in it?

I'd like to be in mix game. Everyone can enjoy bowling, wrestling, dancing, fishing, eating sushi, learning Japanese, painting, smiling, and playing music at all once.

What are your plans for 2009?

Peelander-Z - Photo by Miyuki Samata - click for full size Peelander-Z will be back on the road in March 2009, and playing more than 60 tour dates in support of new record release, including SXSW 2009.

New CD, P-POP-HIGH SCHOOL will be coming out on 4/1/2009. It will be available at our online store, iTunes, CD Baby, Interpunk and more.

Of course you can get your copy from us at a show. Get our autograph too.

Do you have a final message to all your fans?

Don't be shy! Don't hesitate! Come to see Peelander-Show in upcoming spring. Bring all your girl friends, boy friends, mom, dad, puppy, kitty and everyone you know. Hope to see you all soooooooooooon!!!! Please say hi to everyone for us.
Arigato! (Thanks in Japanese)

For more info checkout Peelander-Z's official site and MySpace page. Leave your comments about this interview and read what others had to say at the following link: Interview Comments