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Petty Booka Vital Stats
Petty (left) and Booka (right)
Petty: Hometown: Chiba
Birthday: February 7th
Blood type: B

Booka: Hometown: Saitama
Birthday December 23rd
Blood type: A

Ukulele Lady song sample

Ukulele Lady - live in Seattle

Pretty Little Lady

Hawaiian music video

Petty Booka Loo


"Dancing with Petty Booka, Go!Go!Go! and Go! (2006-US)
1. Bitter Sweet Samba
2. Japanese Rhumba
3. Desanoyo Twist
4. Nel Blu Dip Into Blu Volare
5. Sho-Jo-Ji / The Hungry Raccoon
6. Petty Booka-Loo
7. Koi wa Melange
8.Saizansu Mambo
9. Sucu-Sucu
10. Tokyo Dodompa Musume
11. Bla Bla Bla Cha Cha Cha
12. Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps
13. Uska Dara

"Ukulele Lady" Petty Booka from Hawaii (1999)
1. Ukulele Lady
2. No Huhu
3. Pretty Girls Don't Cry
4. Coffee Blues
5. Hang Down Your Head
6. Teacher's Pet
7. Going Back to Okinawa
8. Sitting in Limbo
9. I Fall to Pieces
10, Cowboy Hula
11. Pineapple Princes

Hawaiian Pure Heart (1997)
1. Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini
2. My Happiness
3. Do You Really Want to Hurt me
4.Sofisticated Hula
5. Honolulu
6. We'll Sing in the Sunshine
7. The Tide is High
8. Chotto Matte Kudasai
9. Puka Puka Pants
10. Fujimura Store
11. On The Beach at Bali Bali
12. Vaya Con Dios
13. Dancing in the Street

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Petty Booka Interview

Petty (left) and Booka (right)- click for full size And now a riddle. Here is the recipe: Two fun loving Japanese women. 2 ukuleles. 2 cowgirl hats. One part Hawaiian music. One part country western. One part blue grass. Now swirl it all together with some Japanese charm and what do you get?

Petty Booka of course.

Petty Booka is the brainchild of Audrey Benten, owner of the Benten record label. Audrey paired the original Petty and Booka together in 1995 with the Hawaiian themed group the Toconuts to record a cover of "Karma Chameleon." In 1996 they released Petty Booka's first album, "Toconut's Hawaii."

Since then the ukulele strumming duo has gone through many incarnations as it changed members, recorded albums and toured in both Japan and the US. Though they are now on the forth generation of "Petty" and "Booka," under Audrey's steadfast tutelage Petty Booka continues to charm their fans with fun, upbeat music infused with a distinctly Japanese version of the Aloha spirit.

On May 2, 2008 Petty, Booka and Audrey were kind enough to give an interview to Andrew from J-Pop World.

Petty Booka - click for full size Before joining Petty Booka what other groups were you in?

Booka: We did another group called The Duet. The Duet's aim was to be like Simon & Garfunkel -- making a beautiful melody with a message.

How did you get asked to join Petty Booka?

We met Mr. Asada, the producer of Petty Booka, when The Duet was played a show. We told him we love those types of American songs. Petty Booka and The Duet have lots of things in common since we were already singing American songs in Japanese.

How would you describe Petty Booka's musical style?

Let's have good music with Hawaiian, country and bluegrass flavor!

Petty Booka - click for full size The Hawaiian ukulele is Petty Booka's signature instrument. Tell us about learning to play it.

Taro, who plays mandolin and guitar for us, has been teaching us the ukulele.

What do you think of Audrey?

Her advice is always correct and great. She took us to many places during our first US tour in March and we had lots of fun together. She is very energetic and gives us lots of energy.

Tell us a little about your background growing up in Japan. What were your favorite subjects in school?

Petty Booka - click for full size Petty: Music and Classic Japanese. I loved the Tales of Genji (Genji Monogatari).

Booka: For me, Music and Art.

What are some of your favorite manga, anime or movies?

Petty: Anime: Buddha by Osamu Tezuka. Movie; Otoko wa tsurai yo ("It's tough being a man") is a Japanese film series. "Tora-san" directed by Yoji Yamada.

Booka: Draemon! And BONO BONO.

Audrey organizes tours of Japanese groups to the US each year. In March you did a tour as part of the 2008 "Japan Nite." What were some of your favorite memories?

Everybody knew most of the songs we sang. I was so happy when the audience sang Que Sera Sera together with us. I think it was the most exciting moment for me. The American audience was great, nice and warm.

What are your favorite songs to play and why?

Petty Booka - click for full size Petty: I like Teaches Pet as much as I like Que Sera Sera. It's romantic. We have many other beautiful songs also.

Booka: Every song is my favorite! It always changes when I'm asked. Now it's CRYING IN THE RAIN (Rain album). This is the first Every Brothers' song I heard and it's in my i-pod. I would like to sing more like them.

If you were to recommend one Petty Booka CD for new fans to listen to which would it be?

Petty: Hawaiian Pure Heart and Ukulele Lady. These have lots of great songs to make you happy.

Booka: I recommend Dancing with Petty Booka. It's a fun album that will make you dance!

Audrey, where did the name "Petty Booka" come from?

Petty Booka - click for full size Audrey: I called the original singers Petty and Booka-chan -- it was their nickname.

When you've had to replace members of Petty Booka what traits did you look for to keep the spirit of the group alive?

Audrey: Two Japanese girls at least!

What three songs by Petty Booka are you must proud of and why?

Audrey: Que Sera Sera. Petty Booka have been singing this song well. Everybody knows this song and it's always beautiful with any instruments.

Material Girl. It was a hilarious bluegrass arrangement of Madonna's song.

Lazy Bones. Since Martin Denny played piano for Petty Booka in the album "Blue Lagoon"

Petty Booka - click for full size Tell us the story behind creating the Benten label.

Audrey: It is funny -- some people say "Bento" label, since I released a girls bands compilation CDs titled "BENTEN Bentoh." BEN-TEN means BEN zai TEN who is one of the Seven Gods in Japan. It's a goddess of music and happiness. And "Bentoh" is a lunch box! It's a big difference -- BENTEN and Bento. I release female artists so the label name got to be BENTEN.

What were the biggest challenges you faced starting and running Benten records?

Audrey: To bring Lunachicks from NY and have a party with 3 other all girl bands in Japan in 1994 -- it was my first show.

When and what groups did you first bring to the US?

Audrey: It was Droop in 1995. We did an east coast tour including New Music Semina in NY. Then Lolita No.18 in 1996. I went to Austin with them.

You also work for Tom's Cabin Productions. Tell us about that.

Audrey: Tom's Cabin is a promoter that brings overseas bands to Japan by Hiroshi Asada. Hiroshi is also Petty Booka's producer. He brought Tom Waits, Elivis Costello, B-52's, Talking Heads, Ramones, Toy Dolls, DAVID GRISMAN, Dan Hicks, Dan Penn, Asylum Street Spunkers, Tony Joe White and Calexico -- all those great bands and musicians we have to see.

What was your favorite music group growing up?

Audrey: The Rolling Stones.

What do you see for the future of the Benten label?

Audrey: My dream is a Japan Girls Nite World Tour.

Petty and Booka, do you have a message for your fans?

Petty: Thank you for your warmest support. I love American music. I would like to learn more about it. I hope to come back to USA soon and you'll see we have even more power.

Booka: My dream is that everyone in the world who knows us or doesn't know us would become one together with our music. Thank you for your support!

For more info checkout Petty Booka's official site and MySpace page. Leave your comments about this interview and read what others had to say at the following link: Interview Comments