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Seiji Vital Stats
Birthday: 9-22-1963
Birthplace: Nagasaki
Height: 181 cm
Blood type: O
Animal sign: Wolf

I Love You OK


Mars Twist
Mars Twist (2007)
Dead Rock (2007)
Golden Black (2005)
Love Rock (2004)
UFO Romantics (2002)
Live!! (2000)
Rock 'n' Roll Etiquette (2000)
Jet Generation (1999)
Planet Of The Wolves (1997)
Missile Me! (1996)
Run Wolf Run (1994)
Wolf Rock! (1993)

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Seiji Interview

Seiji - photo by Takayuki-Mishima - click for full size Screeching guitar. Screaming vocals. Manic jumps in leather pants while wearing sun glasses. Yes that can only mean one thing - its time to say hello to Seiji, the lead singer of Guitar Wolf. The band formed in 1987 with a style they describe as "Jett Rock 'n' Roll" in honor of the great Joan Jett herself. Their music is a combination of punk and rock and unconstrained energy.

On June 26, 2008 Seiji was kind enough to give a hysterically funny interview to Andrew from J-Pop World.

Seiji - click for full size You are famous for the frantic intensity and endurance of your live performance. In October of last year you had to put things on hold to have surgery on your hip joint. How are things now?

Seiji: I was reborn as a cyborg for a government project. I have a cyborg heart now. I don't have the same type of heart as you. Don't ask me that kind of question!! I am not a man anymore!! I will fight against whatever, now or 1,000 years later. I am a Rock 'n' Roll cyborg kid.

You've been compared to artists like Johnny Thunders, Link Wray, Sex Pistols, Joan Jett and the Ramones, but how would you describe your musical style?

Seiji: I love sapiens and I also love aliens. I don't care about style. Always "JET" Rock 'n' Roll!! That's our style.

Seiji - click for full size You released a new album last year called Mars Twist (Kasei Twist). Tell us about the songs.

Seiji: I have communicated from there, you know, outer space. They asked me "What's the latest cool dance down there?" So the album was an answer to them.

How would you compare the music to your previous works?

Seiji: Martian gravity is lighter than Earth's. It's great because gaining speed there was different than usual.

You're originally from Nagasaki. What was the place like?

Seiji: Yeah, I was born in Nagasaki. I was born like Godzilla with radiation. Nagasaki is such a wonderful place, just like Pearl Harbor is wonderful.

Do you ever go back to visit?

Seiji: I have never gone back to where I born.

Seiji - photo by Takayuki-Mishima - click for full size What kind of music did you listen to growing up there?

Seiji: Radiation music.

What was high school student Seiji like? Model student? Trouble maker?

Seiji: The captain of the Kendo club.

Leather pants have been a part of your band's distinctive style. Can you tell us when you bought your first pair?

Seiji: When I was 22.

When you first moved to Tokyo did you have an accent?

Seiji: I had. I was wolf so I couldn't understand what Tokyo people said.

How did you meet and start the band with Toru and Billy?

Seiji: Wolf attracts wolf.

Seiji - photo by Takayuki-Mishima - click for full size Where did the name "Guitar Wolf" come from?

Seiji: My great-grandma was a wolf. The band name came from that.

Your 2005 album Golden Black paid tribute to Billy's passing. How did UG come to join Guitar Wolf?

Seiji: Wolf attracts wolf again!!

What's his worse habit you want him to change?

Seiji: None.

You've said that the band used pomade on their hair to get that special look. But rumor has it that Seiji wears a wig. Truth or fiction?

Seiji: Come to my bed if you want to know.

Another trademark of the group is sunglasses. How well can you see on stage with your sunglasses on?

Seiji: We can see only cute and sexy girls.

You once worked in construction doing torch welding. Tell us about your most shocking moment.

Seiji: I once got shocked by high-voltage. It was like a hit by lightning. And I got a glimpse of inside my body.

You have a song called Kawasaki ZII 750 Rock 'n' Roll. Do you own a motorcycle?

Seiji: I don't make that kind of songs if I don't have it.

Did you ever compete in a karaoke contest?

Seiji: No. But I was in dance contest once. I was the winner of the contest and won the prize; a VCR player.

Do you or anyone in the band have any tattoos?

Seiji: Yes, all of us have.

Tell us about making your first record.

Seiji: We recorded at a practicing studio in Harajuku. We used a 4 track and Walkman.

Tell us about your first show.

Seiji: I got so nervous and the stage was chaotic. If I look back now it was great show.

Your brother is also in a band. Do you ever play together?

Seiji: Yes.

Who can jump the highest?

Seiji: Well, you know, of course me.

You're obviously a big fan of Joan Jett. Have you met her?

Seiji: Yes.

One of your traditions is to bring someone from the crowd onstage to play a song with the band. How did that get started?

Seiji: Just bothered to play guitar.

Wild Zero Poster - click for full size Guitar Wolf was featured in Takeuchi Tetsuro's 1999 film Wild Zero. 19 years later, what do you remember about shooting the movie?

Seiji: The population of zombies has been increasing recently. We have to kill them in Wild Zero II.

You've had different record labels during your career. Do you take much of an interest in the business side of things, or would you rather just have a couple of drinks?

Seiji: I don't change. I don't have an interest in business. They just change.

Speaking of drinks, you are somewhat famous for your drinking. Which type of alcohol have you drunk the most: beer, sake or liquor?

Seiji: Beer!!

Millions of American children recognize you as "that cool guitar guy" from the Teen Titans theme song. Tell us about shooting the video.

Seiji: It was tough shooting on Jupiter because of no oxygen. It was tough to stop breathing after about 5 minutes!!

When did you first meet Ami and Yumi?

Seiji: I saw them on TV.

You wrote the lyrics for Onna Machinegun, the Japanese version of Puffy's song "Go Baby Power Now." How fun was that?

Seiji: Ami & Yumi asked me to write lyrics with a machingun.

Guitar Wolf was the honoree of the 2005 compilation EP I love Guitar Wolf Very Much where some of your fans paid tribute to your music and style. How does such a thing get started?

Seiji: Wolves are one of those rare animals. Probably some nature conservation group started it for us.

Puffy contributed the song Can-nana Fever. What did you think of their tribute song?

Seiji: Greater than us.

Other than yourselves of course, what other Japanese groups lead the way for the "most jumps made" during a show?

Seiji: Musashi Miyamoto.

What does the future hold for Seiji and Guitar Wolf?

Seiji: Scandals with Hollywood actresses.

Do you have a message to all your fans?

Seiji: Lend me some money!!

For more info checkout Guitar Wolf's official site and MySpace page. Leave your comments about this interview and read what others had to say at the following link: Interview Comments