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KEN - Vocals/Guitar

MIKAKO - Vocals

G - Guitar


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PIERROT - click for full size

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"We would like to say that we have the heart of teenagers." - KEN

When the all male punk group THE CABINETS got back together in 2007 they decided the time had come to make a change. The tough looking boys decided to broaden their look and sound with the gothic charms of singer MIKAKO. And from what we've seen, it was a good decision.

With their first self-produced album PIERROT and an animated stage show the group are looking forward to a new year of live performances and recording. So come take a look at what happens when Sid Vicious joins forces with a Gothic Cinderella.

On February 19, 2010 the members of THE CABINETS were kind enough to give an interview to Andrew from J-Pop World. All photos courtesy of THE CABINETS.

How would you describe your new musical style?

KEN: In the Japanese culture of New Wave, originally Lolita and punk had a close relation. Now, we arrange and play it.

How would you describe your fashion style?

KEN: As you see, old punk style and orthodoxy lolita style.

In 2008 you released the six track album "PIERROT". Who all worked on the album with you?

KEN: It's all self-produced.

Tell us more about the track PIERROT. What does the song mean to you?

KEN: The music is an old pop/punk style and the words are a message for youth indifference to politics and social conditions.

NUD SAD has a great punk feel to it. Can you tell us more about the song.

KEN: We would like to say that we have the heart of teenagers.

THE CABINETS - click for full size

Regret is one of our favorite songs of yours. Can you tell us how it was written and recorded?

Regret is one of KEN's disappointed love songs.

Can you tell us how you create music? What is your creating process like?

KEN: I hit upon melodies suddenly.

What are the band's plans for the rest of the year?

We have live plans here in Japan. We would like to go to America and Europe!

Let's take a trip into the past and get to know everyone. Can you each describe your hometown and what it was like growing up there?

KEN: We're all from Ibaraki, Japan. Ibaraki is famous for fermented soybeans.

I (KEN) was a bad boy, MIKAKO was a quiet girl. G was a good boy and HISASHI was an overprotected youth.

How did you first get into music?

KEN: When I first heard The Who.

MIKAKO: When I learned to play the piano.

G: When I meet KEN.

HISASHI: When my dad gave me a drum.

THE CABINETS - click for full size

Who have been your greatest musical inspirations?

KEN: The television.

MIKAKO: L'Arc~en~Ciel.

G: Buzzcocks.

HISASHI: The Stalin.

How did you pick the musical instrument you now play?

We each think the instrument is most popular with women.

Most of you were in bands together back in the 80s. What all did you do after the original band broke up in 1989?

KEN: I played rap music in the rap group So-ryu.

HISASHI: I was a office worker.

How and why did you decide to add a female goth singer to the group?

Because a female goth singer adds to the gaiety of the band.

THE CABINETS - click for full size

MIKAKO, can you tell us the story of how you joined the band?

MIKAKO: I was scouted by KEN when I was working at my part time job.

What's it like working with these tough looking punk musicians?

MIKAKO: I was fearful at first, but now it's so pleasant.

How do you decide what type of outfit and look to wear?

MIKAKO: I like pretty and elegant things, so I think it's natural that I wear lolita clothes.

What modern groups do you all respect the most today?

KEN: Busta Rhymes.

MIKAKO: Ali project.

G: Linkin Park.

HISASHI: Blink 182.

What message or emotion do you want to express with your music?

KEN: Our music almost always expresses love poetic.

If you had to pick one or two songs that best shows off the style of the band, what would it be?


Outside of music what do you all do for fun and relaxation?

KEN: Surfing.

MIKAKO: Reading.

G: Gardening.

HISASHI: Driving.

We have to ask... who has the most tattoos?

It's KEN!

Who drinks and parties the most?

It's KEN!

Some of your fans want to know... any plans for marriage and kids in the future for anyone?

There aren't anyone now.

Do you have anything else you want to bring up or comment on?

Please call us, so we go to America and Europe to play lives! Oh, and please request us as friends in MySpace.

Do you have a final message to all your fans?

We're looking forward to meeting you in our live!

For more info checkout THE CABINETS official site and MySpace page. Leave your comments about this interview and read what others had to say at the following link: Interview Comments