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TRILL-DAN Vital Stats
JUAN - Guitar, Vocal
Birthday: May 13
Birthplace: Osaka, Japan
Blood type: B

MARU - Bass, Vocal
Birthday: August 16
Birthplace: Kobe, Japan
Blood type: B

GIVA - Drums
Birthday: February 9
Birthplace: Fukuoka, Japan
Blood type: O

REVIVE song sample




New album coming July, 2009

Last One (7-23-2008)

Megabasutarizumu (7-25-2007)

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TRILL-DAN Interview

TRILL-DAN mini-album cover - photo courtesy of Rightsscale, Inc - click for full size

"That's ecstasy!!" is the only way to describe the raw power of Japan's Sexy et Dangereux trio, TRILL-DAN. They are hard rock with a head-banging attitude and a throat-shredding singing style youíve got to hear to believe. Their new self-titled mini-album, TRILL-DAN, will be released in July to coincide with their performance at Japan Expo and their own European tour.

So come say hello to JUAN, MARU and GIVA and hear their story of how they formed the band, their first 2007 album, Megabasutarizumu, and their upcoming performances.

On June 23, 2009 the members of TRILL-DAN were kind enough to give an interview to Andrew from J-Pop World. All photos courtesy of TRILL-DAN with credits to Rightsscale, Inc.

Let's start with the formation of the band. Can you tell us how the three of you met?

JUAN and MARU met at a music club in our university, and we met GIVA when he was playing at an event in the university. His drumming was great, so we asked him to form a band together.

What other bands or projects had each member been involved in before?

TRILL-DAN is the first band for all of us, but GIVA was playing in a lot of cover bands too.

Who came up with the band's name and what does it mean?

We named TRILL-DAN by all of us, and we took it from the name of a medicine.

What are your lasting memories from the band's first year together?

Well, we had our very first tour and we went to Tokyo. When we were in Shibuya, GIVA lost his wallet at the intersection. We cried a lot because he had a bunch of cash in the wallet. And later, we found his wallet at the police station and that moved us because all the money was untouched! We thought Tokyo is a beautiful place (LOL).

In 2007 you released your first album, Megabasutarizumu. How big of a moment was that day?

Simply, we were very happy. We felt that there are good opportunity that people who don't know TRILL-DAN to find us.

The album was produced by Kiyoharu (former Kuroyume & Sads). How did you get hooked up with him?

We had been introduced through some people and he became our producer on the album. He's very gentle, he understood about the band very well. And also, he taught us some secret techniques (^^).

How would you describe the album's musical style?


TRILL-DAN - photo courtesy of Rightsscale, Inc - click for full size

The intensity of your live show is amazing. What do you do to get ready to perform?

GIVA does stretching... Well, we just try to concentrate our mind into live. We would like to show our elevated spirits by human instinct in cuteness or coolness through our live performances.

Can you describe the feeling you get when you are performing and everything is coming together with a perfect intensity?

That's ecstasy!!

The song Revive has a wonderful intensity to it. Can you tell us the story behind its creation?

Thank you. With this song, we got inspired by a manga character. This song does have an image of destruction, which is in our favorite aggressive sounds.

REVIVE (Lyrics Translation)

This boring world, I donít care, I just live in my world
Why don't you call, if you wanted
Take away everything, a superb view that you wanted

The time comes in the end of world, wriggling lifeblood
Vertical, horizontal, unlimited, the time of riot
Someone call my name, impulsive and burning

I GET POWER, revive my body, reckless, to be free
I GET POWER revive my body, glory, catch my hand

© by Maru

Baby Girl has some awesome guitar work and a very catchy vocal style. How did you write and record the song?

That was just the idea that popped up. That's the honest feeling when I found someone who I love... I wrote this song obediently.

Can you give us more info on how you write and record music in general?

Usually, each member brings some basic ideas, the band jams at studio and recording sessions, and then bring back better ideas, over and over. But, our process to write songs are pretty quick.

The band won first prize for "Best Performance" at the viBirth LIVE GP 2008 competition. How great of a moment was that for you?

We never thought we could win, so we were eating snacks backstage (^^). We always try to have a lot of fun during live performances so the audience has fun too. We were so happy that the audience felt the same way with us.

TRILL-DAN - photo courtesy of Rightsscale, Inc - click for full size

You will be doing at tour of Europe this summer along with selling a six-song self-titled CD at the venues. Why did you pick Europe for your first overseas shows?

People told us about Japan Expo in Paris, how big that event is, how exciting to play there, etc. So we were interested in, and we made it in this year. Why not go out for tour? We will be in Europe for Japan Expo anyway.

What are your thoughts about touring there?

We don't have uneasiness, we are excited. This is our first tour overseas, we will look forward to playing our best live performances there.

Any plans for a North American tour anytime soon?

Oh yes! Our management is working on it. We'd love to go there sometime soon.

Let's learn more about everyone. Can you describe the hometown you all grew up in?

JUAN: The countryside in Osaka, they have mountains but nothing else.

MARU: The countryside in Kobe, they have ocean near there.

GIVA: The countryside in Fukuoka, full of warm heartedness all around.

How did you each first get in music?

JUAN: I was a schoolchild, when I started to like one artist.

MARU: When I started playing piano, I was only 3-years old.

GIVA: I was at junior high, I picked up my sister's CD and got into it.

TRILL-DAN - photo courtesy of Rightsscale, Inc - click for full size

How did you pick the instrument you play?

JUAN: My favorite artist is a guitarist, and my dad's playing guitar so the guitar was always close to me.

MARU: I had tried guitar and drums too, but I felt bass is the best.

GIVA: When I was trying to play in a band the very first time, everybody was a guitarists, including myself, so I tried playing drums instead of the instrument I was interested in.

Do you have a favorite type of guitar, bass or drum set you always use?

JUAN: A guitar made by Fujigen, I like that sound.

MARU: I've got a GL bass, I like that driving feel.

GIVA: I got a snare drum by Kitano, that drum is made with titan.

When and why did you all decide to make a career out of music?

We didn't talk that much seriously. But, our aim was very high from the beginning.

What did your family and friends think of your decision?

Our family and friends are supporting us positively.

Who have been your greatest musical inspirations in your life?

JUAN: An artist who I met when I was a schoolchild.

MARU: Members of TRILL-DAN!

GIVA: A guitarist who I know.

What do you think of the music industry today? What would you change about it?

Ups and downs all the time, but still good music is always good music, simple as that. It could be better when charms of the music spread more to the world.

Do you have nicknames for each other?


Outside of music, what do you all do for fun and relaxation?

Playing games, we play a lot of games (^^).

Can we get a peek at the romantic side of the group? What type of places do you like to go to on a date?

JUAN: How about at home or somewhere sexy.

MARU: Places you can laugh.

GIVA: Quiet places.

What type of traits do you look for in someone you would date?

JUAN: A charming and sexy guy.

MARU: A guy who can laugh with me.

GIVA: A girl with beautiful smile.

Any thoughts on marriage or kids in the future?

JUAN: I want to be married someday.

MARU: I can't think of marriage or kids right now.

GIVA: Yes, when I have a chance.

What's the one thing you want people to know most about TRILL-DAN?

Feel our live (performance) !

Do you have anything else you want to bring up or comment on?

We'd like to continue to do tours around the world, to get more people to know us, and we'd like to go to the next level.

Do you have a final message to all your fans?

Please love us more from now on. We will look forward to seeing you soon!

For more info checkout TRILL-DAN's official site and MySpace page. Leave your comments about this interview and read what others had to say at the following link: Interview Comments