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Marlee Vital Stats
Sachi - Vocals
Birthday: December 19th
Birthplace: Saitama, JP
Blood type: A

MJ - 7 String Guitar
Birthday: September 27th
Birthplace: Gunma, JP
Blood type: O

Sen - Programming/Side Vocal
Birthday:October 27th
Birthplace: Sapporo, JP
Blood type: A

Independence Day song sample

Independence Day


Virtual Sex album cover - click for full size
Virtual Sex (6-9-2008)
1. Independence Day
2. Twister
3. Moopiee Game
4. Chrono Trigger [V.S.Edition]
5. New Type Aspirin
6. Circulation
7. Shi Ra Nui [feat.Andro (from GOTHIKA)]
8. FAKE [V.S.Edition]
9. Coma Baby
10. Infinity [V.S.Edition]
11. Apatheia [403 Forbidden Mix]
12. Red Pain

drainage album cover
drainage (5-21-2005)
1. Trellis
2. Elegy
3. Incomplete
4. drainage
5. Sarasvati

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Marlee Interview

marlee - click for full size

The artwork for their latest album "Virtual Sex" might raise your eyebrows, but the passionate music of the trio marlee is what will really get your heart pumping. From their punk rock song Elegy to their rocking dance tune Independence Day these three fashion gurus from the Japanese underground music scene play with the unforced energy of artists who truly love what they do.

So come learn the story of singer Sachi, guitarist MJ and vocalist and programmer Sen and hear about their music, their shows and which one of them is likely to get married first.

On July 14, 2009 the members of marlee were kind enough to give an interview to Andrew from J-Pop World. All photos courtesy of marlee with credits to GORO.

Let's start with the release of your latest album, Virtual Sex. How would you describe the album's musical style?

Our music is a mix of rock, techno, and industrial. We think that we especially show these expressions in the album.

The song Independence Day has a great feel to it. Can you tell us the story behind writing and recording it?

The story behind... The atmosphere of marlee was not good before, but then we got away and began to improve for the better. Because we wanted to advance, we decided that we would carry out our own musical style. We loaded those feelings into this song.

Recording... The recording conditions of this song were the best on this album.

Do you have one or two songs from the album that are your favorites to play live?

Sachi: Independence Day. We play the song, the audience gets really excited.

MJ: Chrono trigger. I like the guitar riff of this song most.

Sen: Chrono trigger also. We played this song from the album often so I am very familiar with this song.

How did you pick the album's title?

The title is a kind of ironic. The image of the title were people in the real world who escape to the virtual world without getting stimulation.

marlee Virtual Sex album art by GORO - click for full size

The album's cover art is over the top. Who came up with the idea and who created it?

GORO. He is a photographer. He took our pictures and made the album's cover art and he also made the cover art for our 1st album "drainage."

The group has a very distinctive look. How did the band pick its fashion and how would you describe it?

We chose the clothes to match the image of our music -- gothic, industrial and sexy!

Where does the band get their wardrobe from?

Usually we get our wardrobe in Tokyo, especially Harajuku and we make a lot of it ourselves as well.


Let's take a trip into the past and learn more about everyone. First off, where was everyone born and raised?

Sachi: I was born in Saitama, a quiet town near Tokyo. I moved to Tokyo later.

MJ: I was born in Gunma. The place is in the country a little away from Tokyo. There are many rice fields and there were a lot of trees in the old days

Sen: I was born in Sapporo. Sapporo is a very cold area in the Japanese northern island of Hokkaido.

What kind of kids were you all growing up?

Sachi: I was active with a bully in childhood.

MJ: I was shy when I was a kid, but I'm still shy xD.

Sen: I cried many times in childhood.


How did you each first get into music?

Sachi: I watched Madonna when I was a child and was shocked and got into music.

MJ: I don't remember...

Sen: I watched the performance of a friend back in first grade at a junior high school's party and got excited to play.

Sachi and MJ, how did the two of you first meet?

We had a common friend and were able to meet by his introduction.

Can you tell us about marlee's first album, "drainage"?

Around 4 years ago we got an offer for a CD release from a label called "Ultra Vibe." We were able to release "drainage" because we came into contact with the producer Takeomi then.

What was it like working with him?

He did the arrangement, recording, mixing and negotiations for us. He also played some shows with us as a support guitarist.

MJ, when did you start playing a 7 string guitar?

I have played the 7 strings guitar since around 5 years ago.

Sen, can you tell us how you were asked to join the band?

Sen: I had a project called "Cold+Sleep." I was looking for a band to participate in some live shows that I was planning. I met Sachi in SNS and after that I went to a show with marlee and thought that Sachi and MJ were superior musicians. At that moment I imagined playing with them together on a stage and then decided that I'd participate in marlee.


What groups had you been in before?

Sen: I was in "Cold+Sleep." It is active as a solo project now.

Who writes the group's music and lyrics now?

All three of us write the songs. It depends on the song.

Your stage performances are intense. What does everyone do to get ready for a show?

We are not doing anything for that. Being on the stage is all that it takes for us.

Can you describe the feeling you get when a show is going great?

Sachi: I feel ecstasy then.

MJ: I am excited then, but I try to keep cool.

Sen: I feel a sense of unity with the audience then and get power.

What have been some of the group's biggest challenges or hardships?

The activity of our group stopped around 2 years ago. It was the biggest challenge and hardship to get over for us.

Let's take a peak at the romantic side of the group. What type of places do you like to go to on a date?

Sachi: Space.

MJ: Asakusa in Tokyo.

Sen: A CD shop.

Any thoughts on marriage or kids in the future?

Sachi: I don't need kids but I want to marry.

MJ: Depends on the situation.

Sen: I have no idea about that now.

Other than music, what type of things do you all do for fun and relaxation?

Sachi: I like going to the art museum.

MJ: Sometimes I like playing video games.

Sen: I sometimes go to the hot spring where I can relax very much.

Anyone have a favorite manga or TV show?

Sachi: I like the comics of Tezuka Osamu.

MJ: My favorite manga is "Slum Dunk". It is a comic centered around basketball that is very famous in Japan.

Sen: I like "Ghost in the Shell" very much.

Anyone a big video gamer player?

MJ: My favorite games are... Bio hazard series (resident evil series), Metal Gear series and Final Fantasy series.

What are the group's plans for the rest of the year?

We are going to go to Korea to play a show again. We went to Korea last year. And on December 20th we will finally have a one man show in Tokyo!!!

Do you have anything else you want to bring up or comment on?

We would like to do shows overseas next year so we are looking for offers.

Do you have a final message to all your fans?

You can listen to marlee's music at MySpace or our CDs so please enjoy our music. We really hope we are able to meet you all at the show!

For more info checkout marlee's official site and MySpace page. Leave your comments about this interview and read what others had to say at the following link: Interview Comments