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Who is Kaela Kimura?

Kaela Kimura is a Japanese singer, musician, actress and model. She was born Rie Kaela Kimura on October 24, 1984 in Adachi, Tokyo. Kaela's father was British and her mother was Japanese. Her name "Kaela" uses the British spelling, more commonly seen as "Kayla" in the US. It's spelled Ka-e-ra in romanji.

Kaela has released four (soon to be five) albums - Kaela, Circle, Scratch and most recently "+1" on April 2nd, 2008. She has appeared in Japanese movies, TV shows and commercials.

She will be releasing her first greatest hits album "5years" on February 3, 2010.

For more info see her full biography.

What is this website?

This is a J-Pop World unofficial featured artist site on a mission to help raise Kaela's profile among English speaking music lovers.

How can I also support Kaela?

The best way to support any artist is to buy their music and see them in concert. While Kaela hasn't toured in the West yet, you can find all of her music for sale online. CD Japan and Yes Asia are probably the most popular places to buy Kaela's CDs and DVDs new. Amazon.com and eBay sometimes have used copies of her CDs.

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Kaela's Albums

Scratch released February 7, 2007
Scratch L.drunk
Magic Music
Wani to Kotori
Kirin Tan
Swinging London
Never Land
Tree Climbers
Joey Boy
Ground Control

Circle released March 8, 2006
Circle Rirura Riruha
Tea Cup
I ♥ Hug
Thrill Thrill Licker
Deep Blue Sky
Dancing Now

Kaela released December 8, 2004.
Kaela Untie
You know you love me?
Ano Koro
Level 42
What ever are you looking for?

(For more music info see the Music Page.)

Kaela News Flash

Kaela Kimura's 5years

Kaela Kimura Greatest Hits Album: "5years"
Kaela's debut self-titled album was released on December 8, 2004. To celebrate she will be releasing her first greatest hits album with the apt name "5years" on February 3, 2010.
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Kaela Kimura's Hocus Pocus album cover

Kaela Kimura to release New Album "Hocus Pocus"!
She’s back with a new 13 song album! Japanese release date of 6/24/09!

Here's the song list:

Hocus Pocus
1. Dear Jazzmaster '84
2. Mustache
3. Phone
4. Otome echo
5. Butterfly
6. Doko
8. Another world
9. season
10. Kimi ni Aitai
11. Jeepney
13. Super girl

More info to come.

Kaela's forth album "+1" was released in Japan on April 2nd. It contains 13 songs and as usual the slightly more expensive limited edition version includes a DVD with music vidoes. It reached #3 on Oricon's Weekly Chart ratings.

It can be ordered from CD Japan and Yes Asia. More info to come.

+1 +1 Track List
No Image
No Reason Why
Kagami yo Kagami
Hayaru Kimochi Teki
Humpty Dumpty

Video Spotlight

Kaela takes to the pool for this swimming video to the song Stars.

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