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Untie is the lead track from Kaela. It was released on the single "Happiness!!!" on October 27, 2004. The single reached #11 on Oricon.


Words and Vocals by Kaela Kimura

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Karada no naka ga tobidashisou na kurai
Tokidoki totemo ookiku kanjiru
Sometimes I feel so big inside of my body
That it seems like I'm going to burst out

*1 Have you in your life
Ever felt such a thing?
I had a long sleepless night

It's impossible for me to even start to get my feeling out.

*2 Konna hazu ja nai
Mada mikansei na watashi
Shitta kaburi bakari shinaide
That's not what I'm expecting
I'm still incomplete,
Don't just be a smartass

*3 tsutaetai koto yaritai koto
Katachi ni wa nai kedo arawashitai no
The things I want to say, the things I want to do
Have no shape, but I want to express [them]

Me no mae no hito ga sugoku ookiku
Miechau koto ga aru no nazedaka
Why does the person right in front of me look so big?

*1 repeat

And I never even knew how insignificant a girl I was

*2, *3 repeat

*2 repeat

I'm gonna sing to you kotoba wo nosete
tsutaeru koto ga watashi no kotae na no
I'm gonna sing to you, 
Placing the words & conveying them is my answer

I'm gonna sing to you kotoba wo nosete
I'm gonna sing to you, place the words

Utaitsudzukeru koto ga watashi no kotae na no
Continuing to sing is my answer

*4 Your time has finally come?
Hurry up and find your self.

*5 Don't you know your time has come?
Hurry up and find yourself.

*4, *5 repeat

Chiisana watashi to ookina watashi no
Kaihou wa mou  hajimatte iru
The liberation of the big me from the little me
Is already beginning

Romanji by Cori of Cori's J-POP Lyrics.