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Yup, I'm Andrew

Hi I'm Andrew from Indianapolis.

So why and how did I create J-Pop World and Kaela Kimura World?

It all started in December of 2005. I had just begun learning Japanese and was looking for Japanese language music to keep me inspired. That's when I discovered the group Puffy AmiYumi.

Now once you enter your thirty-something years most people's musical interests tend to be fairly fixed. What impressed me was how much I enjoyed every song of theirs I heard. After buying the first of their ten plus CDs I was hooked.

By mid-2006 I was looking to improve my HTML and JAVA programming abilities by creating and maintaining my own website. Since I was enjoying Puffy's music so much I thought they would make a fun subject for a website. I was right! So on October 16th, 2006 the first pages of Puffy AmiYumi World made their appearance.

By the end of 2007 I had learned some more advanced website creating skills using CSS instead of straight HTML. Rather than just redoing all 300+ pages of my Puffy site I wanted to pick another subject for a second website. After looking over several different J-pop groups I decided on Kaela Kimura and GO!GO!7188 and started both new sites on December 11, 2007 using the puffyamiyumiworld.com domain.

From there it was an obvious decision to create a new website that would better incorporate all three sites along with the many pages I had created about other J-pop groups, including some interviews by Puffy's songwriters. So on February 1st, 2008 J-Pop World made its debut.

There will be many new features and changes to come so keep checking back. Since Kaela Kimura only has three CDs out I've been concentrating on getting her song pages done before moving on to GO!GO!7188.

Send comments to comments@j-popworld.com or contact me at MySpace.com.